The goal of the Analyzer tool is to assist teachers in analyzing their own science inquiry skills as   well as those of their students to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses, to monitor   progress, and to better utilize teacher time.

  The assessment items are based on the National Science Education Standards (National Research   Council,1996) on science inquiry skills and modeled after high-stakes standardized science test   questions. In the Analyzer tool, students as well as teachers will be able to complete a full   assessment test to fully assess skills in all areas of inquiry or a focused test to analyze expertise   in a specific area of inquiry.

  Teachers will be able to:
  - assess the overall progress of their students and monitor the improvement of different inquiry     skill areas over time.
  - view and compare the results from multiple times, such as a pre-test and a post-test.
  - receive suggestions for targeted inquiry activities to improve skills in weak areas based on the     results of the assessment.